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Station markers normally comprise special hardened steel survey nails with a centre dimple which are resin bonded into a suitable substrate, these are highlighted by the use of a stainless steel washer or hi-viz plastic marker with the station reference number engraved into it. Where no stable substrate exists, specialist ground anchor markers with a suitable station marker are used.

Station marker Station marker installed using SDS+ drill and resin bonded into position Establishing a static position over a station marker

Station markers installed using a SDS+ drill into suitable substrate and then resin  bonded into place.

Station markers installed and engraved with a unique reference number.

GPS antenna installed on tribrach and carrier over station marker to establish OSGB36 coordinates.

Control station installation service

We have invested in specialist Leica GPS surveying equipment with “Smartnet” capability, giving a real time solution of position in Ordnance Survey National Coordinates.

A survey station can be located with just one reading or for additional accuracy, a series of readings can be taken over several hours, and the average x, y and z result obtained.

We provide clients with a certificate for each survey station giving its OSGB36 Easting, Northing and Height, a photograph of the station and measurements taken to local features to enable the station marker to be located and where possible, reference bearings to local features to give a quick set-up at that station, without having to set up a target over an adjacent station.