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For speed and accuracy GPS surveying is the ideal solution for most survey needs.

This technique does not require line of sight or a pre-determined network of survey stations as it relies on a constellation of American (GPS) and Russian (GLONASS) satellites to determine position to millimetre resolution, with an accuracy of approximately 10 mm in the x and y directions and 15 mm in the z (height) direction.

This really is the solution suited to most survey requirements. It allows very fast acquisition of the points to be surveyed and to post survey processing in the office in order to build a drawing.

For many sites it really is possible to carry out the survey and have a printed drawing, all to OSGB36(2) coordinates, on the same day!

GPS Surveying

Control Station Installation Service

We offer clients a control station installation service, so you can carry out your own detail survey, working from station markers installed by us and all in Ordnance Survey 1936 coordinates! - ideal if you are going to work with other Ordnance Survey data or import other data which is already in OSGB36(2) coordinates.